Naked Waitress Tyler Diamond

Nude HostessTyler Diamond, the naked waitress whose vagina was accidentally shown during a live TV broadcast has spoken out about the fuss surrounding her ‘appearance’.

27-year-old Kiwi Stripper Tyler Diamond thinks people really need to ‘chill out’ about what happened at the naked dining event because the vagina is a place that ‘we’ve all come from’ reports the Daily Mail.

Because the news report aired live – which you have to admit was a questionable decision – there was no time for blurring with viewers getting way more than they bargained for.

The cock-up occurred on New Zealand news show Story, on station TV3 and the show’s anchors were forced to apologise after a number of viewers took to Twitter to vent their displeasure:

And to be fair, it seems like Tyler didn’t seem to mind much, telling

I think they (the TV3 presenters) were more shocked than I was.

I was more like: “Okay so it’s a vagina, so what?”. But I think they were kind of like: “Oh, a vagina, oh crap.”

Tyler Diamond – Nude Waitress

I’m not worried at all about it, I mean it’s nudity, it’s a body, we’ve all got one. It’s a vagina at the end of the day, and we’ve all come from one. People need to chill out a bit.

She has a point, but I guess you just don’t expect to get an eyeful of someones vagina as you’re about to tuck into your dinner do you…

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