Top Murder Mystery Dinner Themes for Hens Do

Unlock the Secret of a Thrilling Hen’s Party with These Top Murder Mystery Dinner Themes! Are you planning a hen’s do for a special bride-to-be? If so, why not spice things up with a murder mystery dinner theme? These creative dinner ideas are sure to provide an unforgettable experience for the bride and her closest friends. With puzzles, clues, and lots of laughs, you’ll have the girls guessing as you try to solve the mystery and find the killer. From an old-fashioned tea party to a wild west shootout, here are the top murder mystery dinner themes for a hens do.

A Night at the Speakeasy

Take your guests back in time to the Roaring Twenties with this classic prohibition-era theme. Decorate your venue with vintage décor and serve up signature cocktails like a classic martini or an old-fashioned. As your guests mingle and enjoy the atmosphere, the dead body of the local mobster will mysteriously appear. Solve the case and determine who pulled the trigger before it’s too late!

A Deadly Tea Party

This charming murder mystery dinner theme is perfect for a girls’ night in. Take your guests back to the Victorian era with a classic tea party. Set a formal table with an abundance of tea, sandwiches, and cakes. When the host is found dead, it’s up to your guests to find the killer. Can you solve the case and bring justice to the deceased?

A Wild West Showdown

If the bride-to-be loves westerns, this is the perfect murder mystery dinner theme for her. Transform your venue into an old saloon and serve up classic cowboy drinks and finger food. When the sheriff is found shot dead, it’s up to your guests to find the killer. Once you’ve identified the murderer, will your guests have the courage to stand up for justice?

A Haunted Mansion

This spooky murder mystery dinner theme is perfect for a Halloween-themed hens do. Decorate your venue with haunting decorations and eerie music. As your guests explore the mansion, the dead body of the host will mysteriously appear. You’ll have to investigate each room to find the killer and solve the case. Can you muster up the courage to find out what happened?

A Caribbean Cruise

Turn your hens do into a classic cruise with this murder mystery dinner theme. Serve up tropical cocktails and decorate the venue with a classic nautical theme. When one of the passengers is found dead, it’s up to your guests to uncover the truth. Investigate each passenger and determine who the killer is before the ship reaches its final destination.

A Casino Royale

Bring the glitz and glam to your hens do with this classic Bond-themed murder mystery dinner. Decorate your venue with a classic casino décor and serve up martinis, shaken not stirred. When the casino owner is found murdered, it’s up to your guests to find the killer. Test your luck at the casino tables and determine who the culprit is.

These top murder mystery dinner themes are sure to provide an unforgettable experience for the bride and her closest friends. With these creative dinner ideas, you can ensure that the hens do is a night to remember!


1. What is a murder mystery dinner theme for a hen’s do?

A murder mystery dinner is an interactive, themed party where guests play characters in a fictional murder case. Throughout the evening, participants follow clues, interact with one another, and try to deduce who among them is the murderer. For a hen’s do, it adds a thrilling twist to the traditional celebrations, making for an unforgettable evening.

2. How does the murder mystery game work?

The game begins with the discovery of a “murder.” Each guest is assigned a character, complete with a backstory, objectives, and secrets. As the dinner progresses, clues are revealed, and participants work to uncover the murderer’s identity. Depending on the theme, certain props, scripts, or scenes may be included to enrich the experience.

3. Can we customize the themes to fit the bride-to-be’s personality or interests?

Absolutely! While there are many pre-packaged murder mystery themes available, you can always customize or create one from scratch. If the bride has a favorite era, movie genre, or setting, you can design the game around that theme. The key is to ensure that it resonates with her and makes her special night even more memorable.

4. How many guests can participate in a murder mystery dinner?

The number of participants can vary based on the theme and complexity of the mystery. While there are games designed for intimate gatherings of 6-8 people, there are also larger-scale mysteries accommodating 20 or more guests. It’s essential to choose or design a game that suits the number of attendees you expect.

5. Do we need to hire a professional to run the game?

While there are professional murder mystery companies that can facilitate the game, it’s entirely possible to DIY. Many kits come with detailed instructions, scripts, character backgrounds, and clues, making it easy to manage the event yourself. However, hiring a professional can add a touch of authenticity and free up the host to fully immerse themselves in the game.