Auckland Stag Do: Customizing Your Weekend Experience

Ah, the stag do! It’s more than just a party; it’s the ultimate celebration of bachelorhood. And where better to celebrate this rite of passage than in Auckland? Ready to embark on a weekend filled with luxury, excitement, and a dash of naughty? Then let’s dive right in!

The Kiwi Strippers Difference

Ever thought of having an experience tailored just for you and your mates? With Kiwi Strippers, that’s our specialty! We pride ourselves on making your Auckland stag do not just a party, but THE party of a lifetime.

Accommodation and Luxury Services

Why settle for less? Auckland boasts some of the finest hotels and luxury stays. And with Kiwi Strippers, you get the best of the best. Think jacuzzis, panoramic city views, and service that makes you feel like royalty.

Adult Entertainment Options

No stag do is complete without some adult entertainment. Whether you’re into a subtle seduction or a wild night, we’ve got it all. From captivating performances to private sessions, Kiwi Strippers promises an unforgettable experience.

The Wild Nightlife

Auckland after dark is a sight to behold! And guess what? With Kiwi Strippers, you get exclusive access to the city’s best clubs, bars, and party spots. Dance the night away, or simply enjoy the vibes – the night is yours!

Custom Activities and Naughty Games

Ever played naughty charades? Or maybe a risqué version of truth or dare? Kiwi Strippers brings you naughty games that are not just fun but also hilarious and engaging. Guaranteed laughter and blushes!

Relaxing and Rejuvenating Experiences

Before the wild night begins, how about a relaxing spa day? Or maybe a massage session for the group? With Kiwi Strippers, you can rejuvenate and prepare for the party ahead.

Private Experiences

Your stag do, your rules. Want a private performance? Or maybe a yacht party? With Kiwi Strippers, you’re the boss. We ensure that your personal experiences remain just that – personal.

Diversity of Offerings

Not everyone has the same idea of fun. And that’s why Kiwi Strippers offers a range of experiences – from the relaxing to the electrifying. Whatever your fantasy, we’ve got you covered.

Booking with Kiwi Strippers

Easy, reliable, and quick – that’s the Kiwi Strippers way. We ensure that from booking to the party, your experience is smooth and hassle-free.

Auckland’s Wildest Stag Night Fruit and Vegetable Strip Show Extravaganza!

Step into a realm of risqué entertainment with the Kiwi Strippers’ Fruit and Vegetable Show – undoubtedly one of Auckland’s most daring and uninhibited stag experiences. The night unfolds with an enticing strip tease, where our dancer’s sensuality knows no bounds. Just when you think the show has peaked, the real thrill begins.

Embracing the most audacious parts of the performance, the dancer provocatively spreads her legs, providing an up-close and personal view that will leave little to the imagination. Opt for a banana, carrot, or cucumber, and watch as she boldly uses them in the most intimate of ways, blurring the lines between nature’s bounty and raw passion. This explicit act ensures that your stag night is not just memorable, but legendary. Dive deep into the realms of unabashed sensuality with a show that is as naughty as it is unforgettable!


“Really professional team to deal with- good communication from booking to performance. Fawn was a great lady to have over for our poker night/stag do. Thanks to Kiwi Strippers. The lads had a great night.” – Edwin, a satisfied best man.

Affordability and Packages

Worried about burning a hole in your pocket? Fret not! Kiwi Strippers offers customized packages that ensure maximum fun without breaking the bank.

Safety and Discretion

At Kiwi Strippers, your safety is our priority. From vetted staff to ensuring discretion in all our services, you can let your hair down without a worry.

Preparing for Your Auckland Stag Do

Got everything packed? Remember, with Kiwi Strippers, all you need is your party spirit and a desire for fun. We’ve got everything else covered!


Auckland awaits, and so does the stag do of your dreams. With Kiwi Strippers, you don’t just get a party; you get an experience. Memories, laughter, and maybe a few blushes – are you ready?


What makes Kiwi Strippers different from other stag do organizers?
Kiwi Strippers specializes in personalized experiences ensuring every client has a unique, unforgettable time.

Can I customize my package to include specific activities?
Absolutely! At Kiwi Strippers, we’re all about giving you the experience you want.

How does Kiwi Strippers ensure safety during the events?
Safety is paramount. We vet all our staff and service providers and ensure discretion in all our offerings.

Do you cater to both large and small groups?
Yes, whether it’s an intimate group or a big crew, Kiwi Strippers has you covered.

How far in advance should I book with Kiwi Strippers?
The sooner the better, especially for more personalized experiences. But we’re always here to help, even with last-minute bookings.

Customized Stag Weekend Auckland