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Stripper Fruit and Vegetable Show
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Amp up your stag party and take it to the next level by choosing our Fruit & Vege Show. Watch our Kiwi Strippers strip, then play with carrots, cucumbers and bananas.

Plenty of explicit penetration views in this vegetable strip show act.

• Wild Vegetable Strip Show
• Guest of honor interaction
• 5 Songs

Fruit & Vegetable Show: The Ultimate Stag Party Experience

A Fruit & Vege Show is a unique way to spice up a stag party or bachelor party. The show features a Kiwi Stripper playing with a variety of different fruits and vegetables.

There will be an opportunity to see her in action with carrots, cucumbers, and bananas, and there will be plenty of penetration views for the group to enjoy throughout the five songs.

Kiwi Stripper in Action: Carrots, Cucumbers, and Bananas

It’s up the dancers discretion as to which vegetables and fruits she chooses, but you can make a request.

Penetration Views: 5 songs

The show is divided into five different segments, each of which is set to a different song.

During the first song, the stripper will be taking off her bra, and the group will be able to see her topless.

During the second song, the stripper will be taking off her underwear, and she will be sliding her body against.

The third song will be focused on the use of the fruits and vegetables. The stripper will be using the cucumbers, carrots, cherries, and bananas in different ways, and everyone in the group will be able to see her from different angles.

The fourth song will be a the first toy show with a fruit, where the dancer will get the stag to insert the fruit in a 69 position.

Biggest Fruit or Vegetable: The cherry on top

The fifth song will be focused on the use of the biggest fruit or vegetable, and the stripper will be using it in the same way as she would use a toy in a toy show.

This will be a unique experience that will leave you breathless.

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 4.5 out of 5 Stars (2 Reviews) 5 Highest Score

from Queenstown,

Great Vege Show!

Best weekend ever!! Thanks to Lexie for organising Texas to come, she was perfect. Safe to say I aced my duties as the best man.

from Auckland,

Thank again everyone at Kiwi Strippers

Awesome weekend from what I can remember. Thanks again to Kimberley for organising 2 amazing strippers. The boys had an amazing time, both topless girls were friendly, and when they did their bondage / fruit routine, it was just what the stag needed.

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