5hrs – 2 Nude Hostesses

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Perfect R18 entertainment for a boat cruise, each naughty naked hostess will ensure your event is a huge success!

Why not get a hostess, and have her perform a strip show during the trip as well. Our experience girls are exciting and fun, and available for lesbian acts as well.

• Nude Waitresses
• Stag Party Specialists
• 5 hours

Our hottest naked entertainment at your event

You want to make the event a night to remember, so why not get nude hostesses!

Our professional naked girls will be your party’s entertainment, making your event memorable.

They’re open minded and sexy, so they’re sure to make your night one of the best.

Give us a call now for more details.

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 4 out of 5 Stars (1 Reviews)

from Christchurch, 15/12/2015

Lacey and Skylar were great

These 2 girls made our night, basically stripping off their clothes on arrival, and left naked as well! Imagine the stags surprise when he realised we had booked both girls for the night, to be our entertainment.

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