2hrs – 3 G-String Waiters

Immerse yourself in a hens party experience like no other with our 2-hour indulgence featuring not one, not two, but three irresistible hunky G-String Waiters. Prepare for an evening of triple the temptation, triple the seduction, and triple the pleasure.

With three captivating studs clad in tantalizing g-strings, this experience guarantees an unforgettable celebration filled with excitement and indulgence.

• Bespoke drink service by three captivating waiters
• Mesmerizing entertainment & thrilling interactions
• Two hours of triple the indulgence

Delve into an unparalleled hens party experience that will leave you breathless with desire. Our 2-hour indulgence boasts not one, not two, but three irresistible hunky G-String Waiters, guaranteeing triple the temptation, triple the seduction, and triple the pleasure. Brace yourself for an unforgettable celebration filled with excitement and indulgence that will ignite your senses and fulfill your wildest fantasies.

Bespoke Drink Service by Three Captivating Waiters

Indulge in a personalized journey of pleasure with our dynamic trio of hunky G-String Waiters, as they curate a selection of bespoke drinks tailored to your every desire. Their magnetic charm and attentive service ensure your glass is always filled with tantalizing libations, leaving you and your guests awestruck by their impeccable presence.

Mesmerizing Entertainment & Thrilling Interactions

Prepare to be captivated by the mesmerizing entertainment and thrilling interactions brought to you by our three hunky G-String Waiters. With their charismatic personalities and electrifying performances, they will set the stage on fire, creating an atmosphere of unbridled fun and unforgettable moments. Surrender to the temptation as they weave a spell of pleasure that will leave you yearning for more.

Two Hours of Triple the Indulgence

Immerse yourself in two hours of unparalleled indulgence as our hunky G-String Waiters cater to your every desire. Let their irresistible allure and seductive presence transport you and your guests to a realm where inhibitions fade away and pleasure reigns supreme. Embrace this opportunity to create memories that will be etched in your mind forever.

Unleash Your Inner Temptress – Book Now!

Ladies, are you ready to unleash your desires and celebrate your girls’ weekend or birthday party in the most unforgettable way? Our topless G-String Waiters are here to make your fantasies a reality. With triple the temptation, triple the seduction, and triple the pleasure, this experience is an absolute must-have for those seeking a hot and naughty hens party.

Embrace the opportunity to ignite your passions, create unforgettable memories, and experience a level of pleasure that goes beyond your wildest dreams. Click now to secure your reservation and embark on a journey of unapologetic indulgence. Let your inner temptress take the spotlight and make this celebration a legendary affair that will be whispered about for years to come.

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from Auckland,

Hot guys

Highly recommend using Kiwi Strippers to book your topless waiters and full monty strippers, our hen had a blast, by far the hottest guys!

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