1hr – 1 Hot Pants Waiter

1hr - 1 Hot Pants Topless Waiter

Indulge in the Flirty Hour Fever experience, where our enchanting waiters captivate guests in mesmerizing hot pants.

Prepare for an unforgettable encounter as they greet you with a seductive charm. Unleash the sexy secrets with topless games, tantalizing body shots, and an hour of enticing fun.

• Serving drinks/greeting guests
• Dares & Body shots
• 1 hour of enticing fun

Unleash Your Party Vibes!

Get ready for an evening of excitement and thrills as you celebrate your hen party in style! We have something special just for you – our Hot Pants Waiter, a charming and attractive hunk ready to make your night unforgettable.

A Sizzling Hen Party Experience

Drinks and Greetings
As the party kicks off, our Hot Pants Waiter will strut his stuff, serving drinks and warmly welcoming everyone. His cool and confident aura will capture your attention, adding a touch of glamour to the festivities. Get ready to be impressed as he flawlessly moves around, serving delicious cocktails and keeping the good vibes flowing.

Dares & Body Shots
Brace yourself for some daring fun! Our Hot Pants Waiter will challenge you and your friends to take part in exciting dares. And guess what? He’s not afraid to show off his own skills too! Prepare for a thrilling ride as you take on wild challenges and enjoy exhilarating body shots. It’s all about letting go and embracing the thrill of the moment.

1 Hour of Pure Awesomeness
For a whole hour, our Kiwi Strippers Hot Pants Waiter will be at your service, making sure you and your friends have a blast. He’ll go the extra mile to fulfill your party desires, ensuring that your every wish is granted. This dedicated attention will make your hen party an epic experience you won’t forget.

Eye Candy and Fun All Rolled into One!

So, get ready to have an absolute blast with our Hunky Hot Pants Waiter, your personal party companion. He’s here to bring the fun and make your hen party an unforgettable affair. Get ready for a night full of laughter, good times, and fantastic memories!

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from Auckland,

Great times

Zak was great and alot of fun. He spent an hour in hot pants before we headed our for dinner, and the hen loved it.

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