Kita Mean

Hello Cheesecakes! Miss Kita Mean is a larger than life drag queen who really puts the POW in powerful, the durr in wonderful and the cheese in CHEESECAKE! She's big, she's loud and she pulls a crowd. Her upbeat charm and witty demeanor will have you enthralled at any party or social event as she swans around the room and swoops in for the thrill.

With Boobs for Africa and a cheeky grin, Miss Kita Mean really is a whirlwind of craziness.Kita Mean is an established performer and an experienced MC. Whether its belting out "Happy Birthday" while dressed as Marilyn Monroe at your embarrassed sons 21st birthday, or Mc'ing your next product launch, Miss Kita Mean and her crew of outrageous drag queens have you covered. Kita Mean's wardrobe is vast and intriguing and ranges from glamorous gowns to character costumes. You name it, Kita Mean will bring it to the table which is after all, her natural home. Kita Mean is a feast for the senses that will leave you giddy with excitement and slightly confused.

More Details

Age20 - 25Hair ColourBrunette
Height (cm)175Weight (kg)
Bust (cm)Waist (cm)
Hip (cm)Shoe Size
Dress Size6Eye ColourGreen
NationalityBody Art

Available Shows

Drag-o-gram, Noveltygram

Lives in Auckland, but will travel to Auckland

Available Outfits & Costumes

Arriving in full costume, handbag in hand Kita will spend a solid 15 minutes at your party performing 2 lip sync performances whilst involving the nominated person in a hilariously awkward number and perform a 2 minute stand up comedy routine between songs. After performing Kita will socialise with your guests for 5 or so minutes instigating drinking games etc.

Drag Queen - Kita Mean
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