Stripper Marketplace

Hey Team, we’re really excited to have our talent selling content on our website. So lets get started.

Sign up as a Vendor

You’ll need an account, this gives you the ability to monitor your sales, and add products / photos / videos to your shop.

Click here to sign up! (Please make sure you sign up as a Vendor, not a customer).

Once you’ve signed up, please let us know, so we can approve it, and help get you started.

Some of it’s going to be trial and error, but if you have questions don’t worry we’re available to help if you get stuck.

You’ll have the ability to upload photos / videos directly from your phone etc


• You decide how much you want to sell your content for.
• It’s 80/20 split with each dancer less expenses. (GST, Paypal fees, postage etc)
• To be paid you’ll need to hit a certain threshold. We’re trialing $200 dollars to begin with.
• We’ll do our best to help make your shop look as professional as possible.
• We can also arrange photo / video shoots and create content with you.

If you have any questions please talk to Lexie 0211519266 or Shaun.

You can contact Shaun directly on fb Here or text message 021772139.

You can click here to view our current marketplace.