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Hey Team, thanks for taking the time to update your profile.

Do you want to make money selling your own content? We have also set up a new marketplace on our website, where your fans / customers can purchase products and content in your very own shop.

Shop Details – Comm Split 80% dancer : 20% Kiwi Strippers for photos and videos, less expenses (Paypal fee, Postage & GST)

We have a variety of new shows where training can be provided.

Stripper Profile Updates

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Stripper Performances

All shows include bodyslides where appropriate.

X Rated Shows

Standard Strip Shows - Includes bodyslides where appropriate

X Rated

XX Rated Shows

A little naughtier, better paying, includes toy.

XX Rated

XXX Rated Shows

The naughtiest shows, full on XXX action, highest paying performances.

XXX Rated

2 Girl Shows

Lesbian shows with another dancer, more intimate shows will be done with someone you know (where possible).

2 Girl Shows


Other types of performances

Other Performances

Online Shop

We've just set up a new online shop on our website. If you're interested in selling photos / videos / lingerie / only fans content or subscriptions let us know you're interested.
Online Shop
What would you want to sell in your shop?
We have close to 50k worth of camera gear and equipment and can produce professional content.
Did you want Kiwi Strippers to help produce professional content?
Type of Shoot
Education - Did you want to help us create 'how to' videos of our performances to help other dancers.

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