5 Song The Works5 Song The Works

5 Song The Works

Combination of all the strips for 5 songs, including Bodyslide, Bondage, Candle/fire and Toy or Pearl Act. Not for the faint hearted, but certainly a crowd pleaser.

*Depending on the dancer and what they do, substitutions of some of these combinations may happen.


 4.7 out of 5 Stars (10 Reviews)

from Tauranga, 22/02/2020

Our birthday boy enjoyed the show.

Last minute booking handled perfectly. Cheers to Kiwi Strippers for it’s professionalism, and special thanks to Rose for her show. It was impressive and I would definitely recommend her to everyone.

from Christchurch, 22/02/2020

Very highly recommended!

After stuffing around with another company, we got very professional service from Lexie at Kiwi Strippers. Amy was prompt, well presented, polite and did a great show for the boys.

from Auckland, 07/12/2019

Hot stripper, great vibes!

Booking was easy and professional and Kira’s service was perfect. Brilliant and gorgeous, and made our boys night out perfect. We will definitely be using Kiwi Strippers again.

from Wellington, 03/08/2019

Super friendly and cute

We had Bella for my birthday, super friendly and cute. A welcome sight to everyone that came. Gorgeous personality, friendly and fun. Would 100% book her again, for next year!

from Auckland, 09/03/2019

Highly recommend Lilli

Lilli put on a super fun 5 song show for my best friends stag do. A little pricey, but worth it, she’s stunning, friendly and really hospitable. She did some amazing tricks with her toys, and Ron got to have a hands on experience as she rocked out the songs.

from Wellington, 24/11/2018

Thanks for the help

We had a small issue on the night, but management fixed that up very fast and supplied a new venue which was great. Sasha put on a great 5 song vibe show, and we loved it. Will definitely be coming back.

from Taupo, 03/03/2018

Not what we booked but she got it done.

We booked for a mates stag party in Taupo for the weekend and when the chick arrived it was a completely different chick. She gave us the old “the chick you booked finished up last week”. Yeah that old chestnut eh. I never got any correspondence to tell me the booking had changed or giving me option for other chicks available that for the night we booked.

Now all that aside the one girl you sent, Kimberley may not have been what we booked but she was good at what she did. That was the only redeeming factor of the experience. She worked the stag over pretty good and so even though I’ve only given 3 stars here all 3 are for her. Cool chick who knows how to get the crowd engaged.

from Taupo, 17/02/2018

The best show I have seen yet!

We had booked Jazz Addison in for a stag show and boy oh boy she did not dissapoint! Extreamly friendly and professional, she put on an incredible show for everyone! The whole weekend everyone could not stop talking about her and her show! Definitely recommend 100% and will be booking again!!

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from Motukarara, 28/10/2017

Great Day

Charlie had the best personality, and gave as good as she got with the banter, really got the afternoon going with a few games and good chat. Really great show, had the Stag under control, and all the boys really enjoyed it. Great feedback from everyone as I had arranged Kiwistrippers to supply the talent.
Wouldn’t hesitate in booking again. Cheers, Jason

from Taupo, 11/03/2017

Best show I’ve ever seen

Violeta put on a great show. Everybody said it was the best show they had ever seen. Thanks for sorting it out such short notice too. Will definitely recommend to friends.