Meet Stella, the dazzling queen of Auckland’s party scene. As the city’s top bikini and lingerie hostess, Stella effortlessly transforms any event into an electrifying celebration with her radiant charm and vivacious energy.

From her long, black, silky hair to her bubbly personality and sizzling presence, Stella embodies the fun, flirty, and unforgettable experience you’re seeking for your stag party or 21st birthday bash. When Stella is your hostess, every moment becomes a cherished memory, setting the stage for a night that will be the talk of the town.

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Welcome Stella: The Crown Jewel of Auckland’s Party Scene
When it comes to lighting up Auckland’s nightlife, there’s no one quite like Stella. Renowned across the city as the most desirable bikini and lingerie hostess, Stella’s name has become synonymous with unforgettable parties and extraordinary experiences. Yet, Stella isn’t just another pretty face in the crowd, she’s a full-blown party phenomenon who knows how to keep the fun alive all night long.

Stella: A Radiant Presence You Can’t Resist
The first thing that strikes you about Stella is her aesthetic allure. She’s a vision with her long, silky black hair that flows down her back, often catching the light to cast a mesmerizing glow around her. Her sense of fashion is impeccable, especially when she steps into the room in one of her signature dresses, which are always nothing short of sexy.

Stella: The Epitome of Bubbly Charm
As soon as Stella steps foot into your party, you know you’re in for a night like no other. Her effervescent personality shines brighter than any disco ball, lifting the spirits of everyone present. Her laughter is infectious, her conversation engaging, and her presence so enchanting, she effortlessly becomes the life of any party. Not just a hostess, Stella is a companion, a cheerleader, a friend who ensures every moment of your event is filled with joy and excitement.

A Night to Remember with Stella
Stella is known for making every party she hosts a memorable one. She takes the mundane and weaves it into something spectacular. With her around, parties are not just about drinking and dancing, they become a playground of exhilarating experiences. Whether she’s leading a group in a thrilling game or setting the dance floor on fire with her enchanting moves, every moment with Stella becomes a cherished memory.

Stella: Turning Up the Heat
Stella’s tantalizing presence can make any party sizzle. When she dons a bikini or a lingerie set, it’s as if she sets the room ablaze. The temperature rises, the excitement builds, and the partygoers find themselves drawn to her vibrant energy. She is the definition of fun and flirtation, perfectly embodying the spirit of a memorable stag party or a 21st birthday.

Your Unforgettable Party Starts with Stella
Ready to elevate your next party to new heights? It’s time to invite Stella. When she’s the hostess, your guests are guaranteed to have a phenomenal time. Her combination of radiant charm and dynamic energy creates an atmosphere that is electric. With Stella at your event, you’re not just hosting a party; you’re creating an unforgettable experience that will be the talk of the town. Prepare to party the Stella way – it’s going to be a night you and your friends will never forget.


Age20 – 25Hair ColourBrunette
Height (cm)166Weight (kg)54
Cup SizeBust (cm)Not sure
Waist (cm)Hip (cm)
Dress Size6Eye ColourHazel
NationalityNzShoe Size7
Body ArtTattoos – A Few

Travel Locations

Lives in Auckland, but will travel to Auckland, Sydney, Melborne, Brisbane

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Stella is available for a wide range of shows and services. If you have a special request for Stella let us know!

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Photoshoot Female Model, Photoshoot Lingerie Model, Bikini Girl, Lingerie Hostess, House Keeping Maid, Car Wash (Bikini), Cooking Brunch (Apron / G-String), Tittygram Bra, Tittygram Topless, Pussygram with G-string, Pussygram Nude, Girl Friend Experience (R Rated), Selling – Underwear

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