Teal Steel

Embark on an adventure with Teal Steel, the embodiment of excitement and charm in the world of male entertainment. With his heavily inked skin and a physique that commands attention, Teal turns any event into an electrifying experience.

Hen Party Stripper - Teal Steel
Hens Night Auckland Stripper - Teal Steel
Hens Night Auckland Stripper
New Zealand Male Stripper - Teal Steel
Teal Steel - Hen Party Stripper
Teal Steel - Male Hens Weekend Stripper
Teal Steel - Male Stripper
Topless Waiter in Auckland - Teal Steel

His unique blend of rugged charm and playful sass makes him the perfect addition to your party, offering services that range from the suave sophistication of a bow tie and cuffs waiter to the cheeky allure of a G-string and apron ensemble. Teal’s approach to waitering is anything but ordinary; it’s an interactive performance that engages, delights, and leaves guests in awe.

Teal Steel specializes in bringing a dynamic flair to any gathering, offering a range of waiter and promo services that cater to diverse tastes and preferences. Whether greeting your guests with the refined elegance of a topless waiter in a bow tie and cuffs or serving up a storm in hot pants, Teal ensures every moment is filled with fun and fascination. His ability to seamlessly blend into any party atmosphere, while adding a touch of his distinctive style, ensures your event is memorable. For those looking to elevate their party experience, Teal also shines as the life of the party on bus and boat cruises, where his charismatic presence guarantees an unforgettable adventure.

Teal Steel is not just a stripper; he’s a master of the art of seduction and entertainment. With performances that are as captivating as they are tantalizing, Teal takes you on a journey of desire and fantasy. His shows are a perfect blend of athleticism and allure, highlighted by his skillful dance moves and interactive routines. From the seductive tease of a Male Quick Strip to the personal touch of a Male Lapdance Strip, and culminating in the explosive energy of a Full Monty Strip, Teal promises an experience that’s both thrilling and unforgettable.

For those daring to explore the edges of pleasure, Teal Steel offers R18 shows that are a testament to his versatility and skill as an entertainer. His performances push the boundaries of traditional stripping, offering an immersive experience where fantasy meets reality. Teal’s ability to adapt and cater to the unique desires of his audience, combined with his expertise in delivering steamy, unforgettable performances, makes him the ultimate choice for those seeking to add an extra layer of excitement to their event. Whether it’s a private party or a stag do, Teal Steel is the key to unlocking a night filled with wild memories and unmatched entertainment.


Age18 – 19Hair ColourBlack
Height (cm)175Weight (kg)77
Cup SizeBust (cm)
Waist (cm)Hip (cm)
Dress Size6Eye ColourBrown
NationalityShoe Size8
Body Art

Travel Locations

Lives in Auckland, but will travel to Auckland

Available Outfits & Costumes

G-strings, Collars and Cuffs

Shows & services for groups

Teal Steel is available for a wide range of shows and services. If you have a special request for Teal Steel let us know!

Available Services

Topless Waiter, Bow Tie with Cuffs Waiter, Hot Pants Waiter, G-String Waiter with Apron, G-String Waiter, Male Quick Strip, Male Lapdance Strip, Party Bus, Party Boat Cruise

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