Stella, a tantalizing 24-year-old brunette, brings a whirlwind of excitement to Tauranga’s adult entertainment scene. Her performances, ranging from classic stripteases to daring XXX-rated shows, showcase her versatility and charisma. Specializing in shows that feature toys, bondage, and candle play, Stella offers an adventure into the realms of sensuality and fantasy.

Her interactive style ensures that each audience member feels part of the experience, making her a popular choice for private events and parties. Stella’s ability to adapt to her audience’s desires, coupled with her captivating presence, makes her an unforgettable entertainer.

Tauranga Strippers - Stella
Stag Party Tauranga - Stella
Hire Stella for your next Stripper Party!

Imagine your stag party with Stella as the star attraction. She can start by tantalizing your guests as a lingerie hostess, setting the mood with her sizzling presence. But that’s just the beginning. Stella takes it up a notch as a topless waitress, where the drinks flow as freely as her charisma.

And for the ultimate temptation, Stella offers nude hostessing. It’s an experience where boundaries blur, inhibitions fade, and unforgettable memories are made. Stella’s allure and charm create an atmosphere that’s nothing short of electric.

Sensual Delights: Nude Housekeeping and More

Stella doesn’t just entertain; she can also cater to your every need with her sensual housekeeping services. Picture this: Stella, in a tempting maid’s outfit, making your event even hotter. But she doesn’t stop there. Stella offers various levels of intimacy, from a G-string to fully nude underneath, ensuring your desires are met with absolute perfection.

A Fiery Show: Candle Wax Temptation

Stella’s hot candle wax show is not just a performance; it’s a journey into the realms of desire. The flickering flames and the sensual heat of the wax become tools of seduction in Stella’s capable hands. It’s an experience where pleasure and pain dance together, creating an unforgettable memory that will leave your partygoers craving more.

XXX-Rated Nirvana: The Ultimate Fantasy

For the boldest of souls, Stella offers XXX-rated shows that will take you to the heights of ecstasy. The Works Deluxe is a sensory overload, while the Open Leg Masturbation Show is a feast for the eyes and the senses. And for those who crave dominance, Stella’s Dominatrix Show is an experience you won’t forget.

An Alluring Duo: Lesbian Stripper Shows

If you’re looking to double the temptation, Stella offers scintillating lesbian duo stripper shows. Whether it’s a bodyslide duo or a tantalizing duo with toys, the chemistry between Stella and her partner will leave you and your guests spellbound. It’s an invitation to indulge in the ultimate adult fantasy.

Stella is more than an entertainer; she’s an enchantress who weaves desires into reality. Make your stag party an unforgettable temptation with Stella at the center of the action. Book her now, and let the adventure begin.


Age20 – 25Hair ColourBrunette
Height (cm)166Weight (kg)56kg
Cup SizeC20-D10Bust (cm)68-70?
Waist (cm)68-70?Hip (cm)68-70?
Dress Size8Eye ColourBlue
NationalityShoe Size5-6
Body ArtNo Tattoos, Ear piercing/s, Nose piercing/s, Oral percings/s, Nipple piercing/s

Travel Locations

Lives in Tauranga, but will travel to Hamilton, Waikato, Whangamata, Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, Rotorua, Taupo

Available Outfits & Costumes

• Stella can transform into a seductive Police Woman for a thrilling night.
• The School Girl costume adds a playful and taboo twist to her shows.
• Cat Woman’s allure makes for an intriguing and sensuous performance.
• As a House Wife, Stella adds a sexy touch of domestic desire to events.

Shows & services for groups

Stella is available for a wide range of shows and services. If you have a special request for Stella let us know!

Available Services

Photoshoot Female Model, Photoshoot Lingerie Model, Photoshoot Playboy Model, Photoshoot Penthouse Model, Photoshoot Hustler Model, Bikini Girl, Lingerie Hostess, Ring Card Models, Bikini Competitions, Topless Waitress, Nude Hostess, House Keeping Maid, House Keeping (Maids Outfit), House Keeping (Maids Outfit / G-string), Topless House Keeping (Maids Outfit / Topless), House Keeping (Maids Outfit / Nude Underneath), House Keeping (Nude), Car Wash (Bikini), Car Wash (Topless), Car Wash (Nude), Cooking Brunch (Apron / G-String), Cooking Brunch (G-String), Cooking Brunch (Nude), Tittygram Bra, Tittygram Topless, Tittygram Topless with Face, Tittygram Video with Face, Pussygram with G-string, Pussygram Nude, Pussygram Legs Spread, Pussygram Legs Spread with Toy, Jellywresting, Mixed Show (Male – Female), Kiwi Novelty Combo, Selling – Underwear, Selling – Topless / Nude Photos at actual Jobs (no face), Selling – Topless / Nude Photos at actual Jobs (with face), Selling – Topless / Nude Videos at actual Jobs (no face), Selling – Topless / Nude Videos at actual Jobs (with face)

X Rated Shows

Stella is also available for private one on one X Rated Shows.
Quick Strip, Full Nude Strip, Full Nude Strip with Bodyslide, Bondage Strip, Candle Fire Show, Bondage Strip with Bodyslide, Candle Show with Bodyslide

XX Rated Shows

Stella is also available for private one on one XX Rated Shows.
Toy Show with Bodyslide, Stag Toy Show, The Works

XXX Rated Shows

Stella is also available for private one on one XXX Rated Shows.
The Works Deluxe, Open Leg Masterbation Show, Dominatrix Show

Lesbian Duo Stripper Shows

Bodyslide Duo, Bodyslide Duo with Fire Show, Deluxe Duo with Toys, Platinum Duo, Platinum Duo with Toys, Lesbian Sub Show, 2 Girl Double Ender, Lesbian Strap On Show, Lesbian Double Penetration Show, 2 Girl Double Ender Double Penetration Show

R18 Membership has its rewards

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