Talent Terms and Conditions

You will not give out personal contact details to any customer you meet through a Kiwi Strippers booking, with the purpose of enabling them to contact you at a later date for further bookings

You will arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of a job to collect money, arrange music and dance area and get changed into your outfit

You may work for any other agencies or clubs in New Zealand or overseas while working for us

You will contact a Kiwi Strippers staff member upon arrival to a job if there is any discrepancy as to the amount you have been told to collect and the amount of money the customer advises you they are meant to give you

You will not upgrade a job privately with a customer. If a customer wishes to upgrade the service they have paid for at the time of the job, you will contact a staff member and they will advise the additional cost

You will pay the amount of commission advised by the staff member in the confirmation text sent out for each job

You will pay any commission owing by the Wednesday following the date of the job

You will not tolerate rude, abusive or aggressive behavior by customers at a job. If at any time you feel unsafe or uncomfortable at a job you will immediately call a staff member and they will advise you how to proceed

You will not consume illegal drugs at a job, nor will you arrive at a job under the effects of any illegal drugs

You will not become intoxicated at a job, nor will you arrive at a job intoxicated

Any photos and/or videos taken by a Kiwi Strippers photographer are the property of Kiwi Strippers and will be used at Kiwi Strippers sole discretion for marketing and promotion purposes including, but not limited to, the Kiwi Strippers website, Facebook, Instagram, posters and flyers. These photos and/or videos are not to be used for marketing and promotion purposes for any other agency or club.

By uploading or emailing videos / photos to the Kiwi Strippers website you confirm that the content provided to us has permission to be used by Kiwi Strippers Limited. You also confirm that we have permission to edit the photographs in any manner that we see fit

Any breaches of the above terms and conditions will be dealt with as Kiwi Strippers sees fit