Terms & Conditions

By signing up to www.kiwistrippers.co.nz, you consent to agree to the rules and regulations of working for this agency and or business’s.

1. You agree not to hand out personal cards or your phone number to any client or people you meet while working for us.
2. You agree to have our cards on hand for any work provided by us, if you run out please let us know and we can send you more out.
3. You are expected to arrive 15 mins prior to the job time to collect money, sort music, dance area and get changed. We suggest arriving dressed and ready.
4. Premium Dancers work exclusively for our business’s with the exception of club work and/or personal day jobs.
5. All stripograms payments MUST BE collected on ARRIVAL to the job.
6. Any upgrades on the night must go through us, please have our client call us, and we will send a text to confirm the new act and charge accordingly.
7. If you face any problems or the job is not what was explained to you on the booking form. You agree to find a safe place to contact management and take instruction.
8. You agree to pay commissions within 2 working days of a job unless otherwise agreed.
9. You agree to promote us in a professional way in all dealings with respect to the clients and our management team.
10. You are aware that you are to be respected by all clients, other staff and our management team. You will never be expected to work in an environment where you feel disrespected or unsafe. If you ever come across this situation you need to advise management immediately.
11. All dancers get 3 strikes and you are out. Meaning you get 3 chances working for us, if you are late, unprofessional, rude, pull out of shows or jobs. We will be following up with all clients with a performance report following a job, which will be made available to you.
12. Instant dismissal will take place, if you are found to be on drugs or taking drugs at a job.
13. You do not offer work of any other sort to other staff members that you meet, this should all be done through our agencies.
14. All dancers are required to digitally sign and approve a model release form for photos taken at shows, photos provided by you to promote you through our websites, and photo shoots for our business’s.
15. Bond of $250.00 is required for all dancers. The bond is security for us and for you to put value on our jobs. The bond fines are as follows.
a. late more than 30 mins – $20.00
b. late more than 30 mins without a call – $30.00
c. late more than 1 hour – $50.00
d. cancellation within 24 hours – $50.00
e. no show, no call, no advising – $equal to commision of job
16. Our management team will have the final say on any issues that arise, we’re available during business hours, via text, phone or email.